Major Upgrades

These changes are significant upgrades that materially change the protocol. All changes listed here have been enacted via the Community Governance process.

  • EGP #002 Notifier, Update to Lockup

    • This upgrade introduced the concept of a Notifier.sol contract, which notifies downstream contracts of monetary policy changes during the generation increment.

  • EGP #004 InflationRootHashProposal Upgrade, Blacklist, and AMM Syncing

    • This upgrade enacted 2 major changes to the protocol:

      • The first change was the addition of a blacklist to random inflation, which removed a few specific addresses from the winning pool of random inflation. These addresses hold Eco that is non-circulating, and the change ensured that random inflation would only go to circulating wallets.

      • The second change was the addition of a sync function in the notifier, which performs a sync on the Uniswap v2 pool after a rebase.

  • EGP #009 sync inflation multipliers on generation increment

    • This upgrade enacted a change which propagates rebases to ECO on Optimism using the Optimism messenger on L1.

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