Generation Timer

The Eco Protocol uses a generational timing cycle lasting 1209600 seconds (equal to 14 days), which is referred to as one "Generation." Some processes, such as the duration of lockup contracts, may use longer time scales, but still primarily use “time” based windows from block timestamps or multiples of the base generation. More precise operations such as checkpoints for Balance Checkpointing keep time using block numbers. Because of the generational cadence, a “year” is defined to be 26 generations or 52 weeks, despite that only being 364 days.

Generations are managed in the TimedPolicies.sol contract. Once the full 14-day generational period has passed, it is incremented using the incrementGeneration() function.

Two processes take place in parallel to each generation: Community Governance and Monetary Governance. These processes have discrete phases that span the length of each generation. For more information on these two processes, please see:

pageCommunity GovernancepageMonetary Governance

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